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Paul Lapstun - 1299 Patents
Paul Lapstun
1299 Patents
Kangguo Cheng
Kangguo Cheng
2563 Patents
Lisa Seacat DeLuca - 636 Patents
Lisa Seacat DeLuca
636 Patents
Edward - Patent holder
Edward K. Y. Jung
1104 Patents
Kia Silverbrook - 4747 Patents
Kia Silverbrook
4747 Patents
Shunpei Yamazaki Patents
Shunpei Yamazaki
5967 Patents
HardSkills - Search and find patent holders in an instant

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Recruiters and companies often struggle to find candidates with specific technical competencies and have to scout the globe to fill vacancies. Most patent databases are not designed to facilitate the recruiter’s requirements either. HardSkills makes it easier to find - validate - contact innovators and patent holders with proven expertise

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Scan our database of experts to find potential candidates and save yourself time and effort. Easily share your shortlist with others.

HardSkills - Search and find patent holders in an instant

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Turn client keywords into patent data

Simply type in the skill, competence, or keyword your client has provided and HardSkills will display all suitable patents and corresponding patent-holders.

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Get an intuitive overview of potential candidates instantly with relevant and comprehensible patent data.

Narrow your search with smart filters

Apply filters to refine your search. Filter by location, patent term, patent classification category, and many more.

Identify suitable talent and create lists

Find candidates with validated expertise who fit your requirements. Shortlist them and easily export lists in your preferred format.


Connect with patent holders

To speed up the recruitment process, our algorithms will try to identify the contact information of the patent holders.

Global coverage

Tap the best talent from all over the world

We list inventors and innovators from all over the world. Find, attract and recruit candidates with the desired skills from across the globe.

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