We find you the best and most qualified candidates for any technical role. 

- Our quality guarantee
- Minimum 15 new candidates or it will be free 
- 10X more validated candidates
- 2X faster than any other agency in the world

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Recruitment services

Quality/vetted list

Based on your requirements, we provide you with a minimum of 25 potential candidates.

€2 000

Short list

Receive details of a minimum of three candidates who have expressed a genuine interest in your role.

€5 000

Recruitment full service

Based on your requirements, we provide you with a list of potential candidates who we have verified and are interested in your role.


monthly salary


The patent-centric recruitment search tool boosting your hiring efficacy 

Make unlimited searches in our world-class database, designed exclusively for technician, engineer, and R&D expert recruitment. Access 28,000,000 potential candidates and search through 79,000,000+ validated technical skills.

€7 000

/ Month & User

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