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Using design and data we help patent holders, experts and innovators connect with exciting opportunities and possibilities

We connect patent holders, experts & innovators with exciting opportunities and possibilities.

The idea of Hardskills was conceived when its founder Rasmus Palazzi was working closely with some of the largest industrial firms in Sweden. Palazzi found that these firms struggled to recruit candidates with specific technical competencies even when they conducted a global search. And if these companies somehow found someone with the specialist skills they needed, their generalist recruiter didn’t know how to validate the candidate’s qualifications and experience.

Palazzi has previously worked in the field of patents. He knew that patent databases in more than 154 countries have a standardized way of classifying inventions and competences. “What if we found a way to use this big data source to automatically find, validate and contact the foremost innovators in the world?” he wondered.

Said and done. Two years later, HardSkills has created a unique database and matching algorithm that opens up new opportunities for inventors, innovators and companies globally. Up to 50 million people, 61.500 unique competencies in 154 different countries are now all accessible from one platform, in seconds.


Team HardSkills


Rasmus Palazzi

Founder & CEO

Noel Braganza


Daniel Nilsson


Colleen Braganza

Content & Research

Erik Bogren

Digital Product Designer

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Key values

What we believe in

We are design & data driven

We use a design and data driven approach and believe in experimenting and trying out different tools, methodologies and techniques.

We are open and authentic

Being warm, honest, open and direct with each other and with users, partners and customers is central to everything we do.

We make others successful

Our core job is to help innovators, patent holders and experts connect with opportunities and possibilities so they can work on their dream projects.

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