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100% of companies are competing for the visible 20%, which means the rest 80% are still out there. We have combined multiple competency data sets and categorized talent based on their VERIFIED skills into one of the world’s largest recruitment databases and made it searchable.

About HardSkills
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Team HardSkills

Rasmus Palazzi HardSkills CEO

Rasmus Palazzi

Co-Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur, internationalization specialist and statistics analyst in partnership with two government agencies in Sweden. Believes that good people and innovations will make all the difference! 5+ years of experience within the patent field.


Daniel Nilsson - Up Strategy Lab & HardSkills

Daniel Nilsson

Co-Founder & Marketing

Founder and growth strategist for multiple organizations. Efficiency advocate and a fan of meditation, yoga and calisthenics. Secret skill: Good at solving technical issues.


Jörgen Hyving - HardSkills

Jörgen Hyving

Co-Founder & Development

Solution architect and developer with deep understanding of the technology stack, always eager to deliver high quality solutions. Enjoys the benefits with cloud based environments and uses technology as .NET Core, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, various databases and other fun stuff


Noel Braganza - Up Strategy Lab - HardSkills

Noel Braganza

Co-Founder & Design

Loves design and technology and has helped over 100 organisations understand and work with design thinking.


Binar Halkawt - HardSkills

Binar Halkawt

Co-Founder & Development

A senior consultant who has worked with small and large international companies, with a curiosity for entrepreneurship and the interaction between humans and technology. Worked in Telecom, Medtech, Fintech and the automotive industry (electric vehicles). Worked as a tester, QA Manager, Business Analyst and project manager


Dennis Bihel - HardSkills

Dennis Bihel

Co-Founder & Development

A senior fullstack developer with deep love for problem solving of all kinds. As a backend developer Dennis enjoys working with .NET and NoSQL databases with containers. On the frontend side Dennis has just about started to enjoy CSS while working with Angular, React or Vue



Colleen Braganza


With a background in journalism and writing, Colleen heads the research and content work as an independent freelancer



Simon Svanberg


Simon works with designing sales and marketing strategy and actions for B2B companies. He has an interest in product marketing, growth hacking and loves a good PowerPoint. He also enjoys hacking together digital solutions for sales and marketing problems with smart software and tools.



Erik Bogren


Digital Product Designer who likes to find creative solutions to problems. Have helped numerous organisations with everything from websites & product to print-work & branding assets.


Our Core Values

What we believe in

We are design & data driven

We use a design and data driven approach and believe in experimenting and trying out different tools, methodologies and techniques.

We are open and authentic

Being warm, honest, open and direct with each other and with users, partners and customers is central to everything we do.

We make others successful

Our core job is to help innovators, patent holders and experts connect with opportunities and possibilities so they can work on their dream projects.

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