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Easily search and find - contact - engage qualified candidates with proven competence in…

Computer Science

Software engineering

AI, ML and neural networks

Advanced computing solutions

Web 3.0, cryptography and blockchain

Look beyond development knowledge

Recruit people with proven track record in innovation and advanced computing technologies

Reinvent recruitment for technical roles in data & software engineering

Recruiting experienced people for AI, ML and advanced computing just got a whole lot easier

Remove barriers of finding international talent with HardSkills global coverage

Reduce complexity - skills and experience easily translated to a search

Get a valid and interesting point of contacting recruits - patents

Know what you are looking for but short on time?

Let our technical recruitment experts find your perfect candidate

Why recruiters choose HardSkills for scientific recruitment

Searchable for skills and competencies

n HardSkills you just need a keyword, skill or competence to find the right candidate

Displaying hard-to-find talent

All recruits aren’t active on LinkedIn. With HardSkills you find those who aren’t

Comprehensible patent data

HardSkills use unique algorithms to present patent data in a way that everyone understands

Easy to contact recruits

Use our search and a pre-made template to reach out to the most interesting recruits

Turn the world into your recruitment base

Access and recruit IP & technical expertise globally

Whether you are in the US, France, Germany or England, HardSkills enables you to use IP recruitment to find, validate, contact and recruit patent holders with proven expertise in technical fields such as pharmaceutical, automotive, electrical engineering, and much more. 

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Sarbajit Rakshit
Sarbajit K. Rakshit
David Reis
David Reis
Boris Balacheff
Boris Balacheff

Find experienced R&D professionals for your industry and technologies

Our patent database is becoming increasingly popular for recruitment across many technical and R&D intensive industries. Here are a few of the technologies we can help you find qualified personell for:

Web 3.0
Data vision
Neural networks
Autonomous vehicles
.. and more

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