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Patent data can be complex to interpret and other patent databases only let you search for keywords from the patent itself. HardSkills proprietary algorithms translate the patent data to skills and competency keywords to make it searchable for technical recruiters worldwide.

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HardSkills has helped several pharmaceutical, research & laboratory, medicine and life science companies to conduct recruitment search processes. Let us explore how we can empower your pharma recruitment! 

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Whether you are in the US, France, Germany or England, HardSkills enables you to use IP recruitment to find, validate, contact and recruit patent holders with proven expertise in technical fields such as pharmaceutical, automotive, electrical engineering, and much more. 

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Our patent database is becoming increasingly popular for recruitment across many technical and R&D intensive industries. Here are a few of the technologies we can help you find qualified personell for:

Digital twins
IoT security in healthcare
Critical condition surveillance systems
Interactive patient care
.. and more

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