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Our world-class database of 79 million+ validated technical skills, 29 million+ potential candidates, and 61,500 classifications ensures we find your ideal candidate. 

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29,000,000+ validated candidates + LinkedIn + personal contacts

LinkedIn + personal contacts

Quality/Vetted profiles

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Not verified


61 500 classifications and precision targeting

Broad base targeting


28,000,000+ validated candidates + LinkedIn + personal contacts

Traditional Recruiting

LinkedIn + personal contacts

Quality/Vetted profiles

High quality and verified

Traditional Recruiting

Not verified


61 500 classifications and precision targeting

Traditional Recruiting

Broad base targeting

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Use the HardSkills database solution to discover and recruit from over 29+ million research & development experts globally.

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Patent data can be complex to interpret and other patent databases only let you search for keywords from the patent itself. HardSkills proprietary algorithms translate the patent data to skills and competency keywords to make it searchable for technical recruiters worldwide. Be it any material, element, basic substance or surface.

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Maintain contact with promising candidates using’s enriched CSV files and automation tools like Phantombuster, Texau, or Apify to streamline the process for future opportunities.

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Whether you are in the US, France, Germany or England, HardSkills enables you to use IP recruitment to find, validate, contact and recruit patent holders with proven expertise in technical fields such as pharmaceutical, automotive, electrical engineering, and much more. 

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Sarbajit K. Rakshit
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David Reis
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Boris Balacheff

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With our top-tier database, we're leading the way in recruitment within technical and R&D-intensive industries. We provide comprehensive IP recruitment solutions to a variety of sectors, including:

Surfacing, coating and diffusion treatment
Cement, concrete and ceramics
Adhesives, dyes and paints
Fuels, lubricant, gases and liquids
Acyclic, Carbocyclic and Heterocyclic Compounds
.. and more

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